Friday, August 5, 2011

My Prayer Declarations 1

I cancel death in my family. There shall not be any sudden death or any premature death in Jesus mighty name!

I will not bury any of my kids in Jesus' name.

My parents will not bury any of their children too in Jesus' name.

We will all fulfill the numbers of our days.

No Sudden death in my family. No! no! no! to every plan of the enemy, in Jesus name.

We will live long and live in divine health in Jesus name.

No evil will befall us!
No plague will come near our dwelling places, in Jesus name! Amen.

I have what I say!
I pray this with every fiber of my being. 
I cut off every evil report in Jesus Name!

I cancel every demonic dream in Jesus Name!
I decree life and abundant life for me and everyone that belongs to me, in Jesus Name! 

I thank you my Lord for the covenant of long life.
I thank you my Saviour for your sacrifice on the cross!
I thank you my Lord for the blood of the covenant.

I stand on that today and the evil is averted in Jesus Name! 

We will live and not die prematurely!
We will fulfill our destiny in Christ.
We will declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living. 

Amen n amen! 

Alleluia! Preist den Herrn! Dieu soi loue! Praise the Lord! Oluwa mo dupe!

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