Sunday, November 1, 2015

Connect. Seize the moment. Spread the love.

😄Every September 31 I get loads of kids and their parents knock on our door asking for lollies. Some dress up funny and some 'scary-looking'.
Couple of years ago I decided to seize the moment and I started some connections. I give out these sandwich bags full of lollies and a verse spreading the love.
Some parents actually came back to say 'thank u'. #littledrops#halloween#seizingthemoment#connect


Monday, September 7, 2015

Another Father's Day, love to my hubby and my dad

It's Father's Day and time to celebrate two of my favourite dads.

7 things I love about my husband as a father to our children 

1. The most loving dad ever, right from their birth.

2. The most caring. I love how he cares for our children. He was and he is still involved with their everyday life, home, sports, recreation, studies, church, etc. 
3. The most accommodating. He accommodates their faults and he's always gracious to them.
4. The most encouraging. He encourages our children through their struggles and life challenges.
5. The funniest. He always finds time to crack jokes with them, tease them, laugh, go out with them, even though he's capable of putting them in their places whenever necessary. 
6. The most hard working dad, by far the strongest, the humblest and most helpful in our home.
7. God-fearing, Jesus lover, fun-loving and nominee for passionate dad award 2015  :)

And my dad... 

1. Very caring. He looks for us and loves to connect with us. We are his world.
2. Very jovial. Dad is 93 years old and he cracks me up (makes me laugh) every single time I speak to him.
3. Lover of God. He brought us up to follow and serve Jesus Christ. 
4. Big lover of education and fame. One of the great legacies he gave us is education.
5. Lover of people. Dad loves to make friends. He's able to engage with all sorts of people, no matter their tribe and tongue 
6. Very intelligent and an orator. Needless to say he's a great historian-he's 93 years old (lol)
7. Great singer and lover of music. Inside out artistic. I don't know any of us who doesn't have this trait too. (Even his grandchildren and great grandchildren) 


Ich liebe Euch :) Je vous aime, mon mari, mon père.... love uuuuuu!!!