Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 the year dad passed on to eternity

So it's the last day of the year 2016! Wow!! 

I guess first and foremost I must give praise to the owner and creator of my life for ensuring that I witness the exit of another year. So join me as I give God praise and ascribe all honour, worship and adoration to His Wonderful name! "Thank you Baba God!"

Sitting here this afternoon, thinking of the so much water that has passed under the bridge of 2016, all I can say is "thank you Papa"

In Jan 2016, Joshua and I were with our families in Nigeria for 4 weeks. It was a lot of fun, a great opportunity to bond and hug one another, especially our old parents. 
Little did I know that it was going to be the last time I would see my hero dad. So really it's my 1st Christmas without calling my dad to say "Happy Christmas. 

Dad passed on to eternity in August the month of our wedding anniversary. Dad lived a long and fruitful life and exited at the age of 93. To God be the glory! Nonetheless, we miss him so much already! 
We also went home for the burial ceremony in September making it our 2nd time in Nigeria in 2016!

Our 30th Wedding Anniversary
Joshua and I hit the 30th wedding anniversary on August 9. All these years of living together as husband and wife! All glory to God without whom it wouldn't have been possible. We are so grateful to God for His grace and the love we still have for each other.

Our Son Emanuel  turned 27! Praise God! While still chasing his music dream Emanuel has added "Scndlus Clothing", a Clothing brand he just released. He had a successful 'Pop Up Shop' in the city last October. Right now he has an online shop. 
We are hopeful that 2017 will bring better and greater opportunities for Emanuel and most importantly that he will be planted in the house of the Lord.

Our Daughter Angelique 
It was a great joy to see our 'baby girl" turn 21 in May 😄 
What's more, she finished her Bachelor degree in Psychology too!🙏🏽😄😄. We couldn't be prouder. We are grateful to God for his grace throughout her Uni years.🙏🏽
Go girl! God is good. No limits!! 

*Outreaches to Western Sydney Uni Campus
*Outreaches to Kingsgrove High School through our "Breakfast Club" and "Emotional Quotient Workshop initiatives
*Hosted the 10-day mission team
*Outreaches to Liverpool and Kingsgrove communities 
*Some Water Baptisms
*Many marriage counseling sessions with positive outcomes
*Several Church events including Kids Church Volunteers' Training, Youth Camp and Victory weekends.
*Discipleship/Leadership trainings, Strategic Church Health, Meeting.
*ENSydney Building Fund Dinner.
*Oceania Cluster, etc.
*We also hosted many guest speakers from the EN World.

Major Ministry Trips

*Asian Leadership Team in Tokyo in March
*Oceania Leaders Cluster in Gold Coast.
*Mission Trip to Nigeria 
*2016 World Conference in Cape Town
*Joe's wedding in India

Joshua and I are so thankful for your support of this ministry. Without you, we could not reach Australia and the world with the message of hope to those who need it most.

May 2017 be blessed for you. May God lead you to new big oasis, bless you with His favor and love and bring you to greater heights in all areas of your life, in Jesus' name!

Joshua and Yinka Opadiya

2016 Highlights in pictures. 

With my twin brother and his wifey

With my precious mother-in love

My Hero dad and I back in the day!

Adieu Dad!

30 years and counting

Emanuel our Champ

Angel turned 21 PTL!

Marking another birthday!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Connect. Seize the moment. Spread the love.

😄Every September 31 I get loads of kids and their parents knock on our door asking for lollies. Some dress up funny and some 'scary-looking'.
Couple of years ago I decided to seize the moment and I started some connections. I give out these sandwich bags full of lollies and a verse spreading the love.
Some parents actually came back to say 'thank u'. #littledrops#halloween#seizingthemoment#connect


Monday, September 7, 2015

Another Father's Day, love to my hubby and my dad

It's Father's Day and time to celebrate two of my favourite dads.

7 things I love about my husband as a father to our children 

1. The most loving dad ever, right from their birth.

2. The most caring. I love how he cares for our children. He was and he is still involved with their everyday life, home, sports, recreation, studies, church, etc. 
3. The most accommodating. He accommodates their faults and he's always gracious to them.
4. The most encouraging. He encourages our children through their struggles and life challenges.
5. The funniest. He always finds time to crack jokes with them, tease them, laugh, go out with them, even though he's capable of putting them in their places whenever necessary. 
6. The most hard working dad, by far the strongest, the humblest and most helpful in our home.
7. God-fearing, Jesus lover, fun-loving and nominee for passionate dad award 2015  :)

And my dad... 

1. Very caring. He looks for us and loves to connect with us. We are his world.
2. Very jovial. Dad is 93 years old and he cracks me up (makes me laugh) every single time I speak to him.
3. Lover of God. He brought us up to follow and serve Jesus Christ. 
4. Big lover of education and fame. One of the great legacies he gave us is education.
5. Lover of people. Dad loves to make friends. He's able to engage with all sorts of people, no matter their tribe and tongue 
6. Very intelligent and an orator. Needless to say he's a great historian-he's 93 years old (lol)
7. Great singer and lover of music. Inside out artistic. I don't know any of us who doesn't have this trait too. (Even his grandchildren and great grandchildren) 


Ich liebe Euch :) Je vous aime, mon mari, mon père.... love uuuuuu!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Family Christmas Letter 2012

Dear family & friends,

It's that time again!

Our hearts are full of gratitude.
Our Maker and God has seen us through another year!
All glory to His majestic name, alleluia!
We are grateful for life and abundant life at that!
We are grateful for you, our families and friends.
We are grateful for the rain and the shine.
We are grateful for the smooth and the rough times.
We are grateful for the honour and the opportunity to serve God in 2012.
We are grateful for all our God has done in our lives and in your lives too. His mercies last forever!

We are grateful to God for our daughter, Angelique. She is 17 years old.
High school was full on for Angelique this year as she worked hard for series of assessments, projects and tests. She finished her HSC/year 12 in November and will start University next year.

We are grateful to God for our son Emanuel. He is 23.
(Aka J. Dwight), Emanuel continues to evolve as an artist- writing, singing, and performing at different levels. He has added more single tracks and mix-tapes this year. His group "Dream Big Music" is made up of talented young artists with great enthusiasm. They also work as solo artists showcasing their individual styles and trying to make headway in the music industry.

We are grateful to God for our siblings and parents in far away home and in other countries. It will be 20 years next year since we left home!! 1st to Austria and then here in Australia where we have been since 13 yrs! Grateful!

Hopefully, we will travel home again next year to be with them.

We thank God for the ministry. God has also been faithful despite the challenges we faced in 2012. Emphasis is still honoring God, loving people, sharing the gospel, making disciples and training leaders for nations' transformation. We are thankful that a lot was done in this direction this year and we continue to see positive responses. To God be the glory!

We have settled down into our new location at Kingsgrove. Indeed, having a permanent structure has helped put systems back in place.

We are so thankful to God for everyone who constantly supports us in various ways.

Our West church is doing great.
We are grateful for the dynamic team that's in place at Liverpool, headed by Paul and Ezinne Chibukwo. Praise God!

We have made some more connections in the communities. We started a breakfast club in a nearby high school. We have been asked by the school authority to put up a mentoring program for the kids in the club. This can only be God's doing and an answer to prayers. PTL!
We are taking it one step at a time.

We are still so grateful for the privilege of serving on the Apostolic Board of Every Nation Churches in the South Pacific region.

As we celebrate Christmas, we think of you, our families and friends. We really miss you!

We remember those who have lost their loved ones, especially in recent times. May the Lord of Christmas, our Saviour Jesus Christ, comfort them all. May their mourning be turned into dancing again in Jesus' name. May the peace of the Lord flood their hearts and home in this season.

As I stop here permit me to share some excerpts of Boney M's version of "Long time ago in Bethlehem" with you.
"Hark now hear the angels sing a King was born today and man will live for evermore because of Christmas Day...(...)For a moment the world was aglow all the bells rang out there were tears of joy and laughter people shouted let ev'ryone know there is hope for all to find peace".

Be blessed in this season and also in the year 2013.
Love you!

Joshua, Yinka, Emanuel & Angelique Opadiya

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bon anniversaire Cheri. De tout mon coeur.

Bon anniversaire Cheri. De tout mon coeur. 
Every year gets better than the last. 
Feels really good to be loved by youuuu!
Depuis 26 ans, on a essayé d'etre le couple parfait 
And we will still keep up the effort, surement avec l'aide de Dieu 
Et voila pourquoi together, nous sommes heureux et béni. 

I pray there'd been more time
Pour moi, de t'aimer, mon amour. 
Our marriage is made in heaven! Haha! 

So much time est déjà passé, my love, 
Since we met and married. 
Mais Le 'feeling' est toujours là. 
I cherish ton amour et ton friendship . 
Please stay near and love me more as I love you 

Mon Dieu! Je te remercie 
For my amazing and wonderful husband 
Qui Tu m'avais donné il ya 26 ans 
J'en suis reconnaisante. 
May you bless the rest of our lives together 
Comme mari et femme. 

Aujourd'hui and always!

"Don't ask me to leave you and turn back. 
  Wherever  you go, I will go;
  Wherever you live, I will live.
  Your people will be my people
  And your God will be my God" (Ruth 1:16)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Please pray! This kind of news needs our prayers

Today, just before our morning devotion, my husband broke a 'not so good' news, our friend and co-pastor, Amy has been diagnosed with breast cancer!
At first, i was speechless and then i went "Oh no!" Stupid cancer!
I tried to reach Amy but she was with her doctor.
I was so apprehensive. My hubby and I prayed that the cancer cells will die supernaturally and that God will flood Amy's heart with his peace.
I was pensive and was eager to talk to Amy and just wanted so much to tell her how much i love her.
I went straight to check Amy's blog almost convinced that she would have mentioned something about her new plight.
Below is what i got from her blog. Please follow the link, read and keep her in your prayer.

Sunday, December 25, 2011



Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Christmas! It is December 25, 2011 and all is well. We have much for which we are grateful to God.

Here’s the scoop on the Opadiyas Family and what we’ve been up to this year.

Emanuel, is still fully immersed in his music. He continues to do gigs and releases music video clips. He also collaborates with his 'Dream Big' group and they are doing well for themselves.

Angelique is in year 12 and will sit for her HSC exams in 2012. Yeah! She was made a school prefect, something we are very proud of her for.

Joshua and I marked our Silver Wedding Anniversary this year and we took time off to Europe and Nigeria. We thank God for a great time!
On the Ministry side, we spent most of our time making disciples, teaching, 'building', reaching out with the gospel of the kingdom and raising leaders.
We have also been privileged to serve alongside other leaders on the Apostolic Board of the ENSouth Pacific region.

We had the opportunity to host the South Pacific Summit in Sydney-Australia for the first time! We hosted many guest speakers and leaders from the region and outside the region as well.
We were finally blessed with a facility where we now meet for both our weekly activities and our worship services, after searching for 2 or so years without success.

As I was typing, I was thinking of you dear friends and family. My heart goes especially to those who are facing one form of challenge or another. To think that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for us brings a lot of joy and comfort. Hold on to hope and know that we are praying for you and your 2012. May Jesus Christ be praised!
Joshua-Debo, Yinka Emanuel and Angelique.