Friday, August 5, 2011

Life is not always what i think it should be.

Food for thought:
I took the pictures of these 2 trees yesterday at the back of our house. Spot the difference!
Same season (winter in Sydney!). One has just flowers and no leaves; the other has flowers and full-on leaves. In my mind i thought i never imagined a tree could even bring out flowers without leaves.

I'm still wondering how this could be. I will understand if there was nothing on this tree, taking into consideration that the cold weather might not be suitable for it.

Then, i took a look at the second tree and i was very surprised to see the green leaves and flowers. I remember the adage 'different strokes, different folks'. Except that in this case they are trees and not folks!

This made me think of life. -Things are not going to always be what i think they should be.
Just thinking aloud...

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