Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another birthday! My twin bro and I!

Another Birthday! Today, my twin bro and I have been privileged to be alive to mark yet another birthday!

There is so much to be grateful for eh?

We trust that our God is faithful to take us through another year.
Together with our spouses and children, we look forward to another glorious year, loving our Maker and making his love known.

As I was meditating on our Maker's faithfulness, I remembered a song written by Helen Baylor-"If it had not been for the Lord on our side tell me where I would have been.."

That just struck a chord in me! It's indeed the Lord that has kept us by his mighty power all these years! Glory be to his majestic name!

I searched for the relevant Bible reference for this song and found Psalms 94 and 124.
What great psalms they are!

I read and meditated on them! What great impact they made on me!

This is the blog i found on psalm 124 while going through some commentaries in the "You Version" Bible.
I thought I'd share it on this special day of ours.

Somebody might be encouraged by it. Here you go!

Rob's Random Ramblings: Thankful He's On My Side...

How our God loves us! Endowing us with another year to live for him and make him proud; another year to honour him and advance his kingdom.

"To worship you we live, we live to worship you! Oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh" 
Thanks, Papa GOD for grace to worship you more this year!  

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