Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Talk talking to the right person

As human beings, we’re always talking.
We talk to ourselves; we talk about the government.
We talk about the circumstances around us.

We talk at our husbands; we talk at our wives and kids.
Sometimes we talk to the devil or talk at him!

Some people just talk to the air; some talk in their heads.
Others talk in their minds or talk to themselves.

We hear things like “I talk myself into… “Or “I talk myself out of …”

The Scriptures teach us to always talk to our Maker
"Pray always" means to talk to Him always
When we take time to talk to our Maker, he’ll talk back to us.

Channel your talk to God! It pays off!

Inspired by “Who have you been talking to?” Sermon by Nike Komolafe

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