Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mango Tree Behind my house: to my dad, I so remember you today!

These past weeks have been so special for me! The memories of my dad and my growing-up-days with my siblings came flooding my brain!
 How glad dad would have been to be here with us, more than 10,000 kilometers away,  with all these home grown mangoes on our dining table!
These mangoes from the mango tree behind my house are totally unexpected!!! I mean unexpected!
I grew up in the country where papaws, pineapples, oranges and these kinds of fruits are so easily found growing behind our house.
I kind of miss this country life and I don’t know whether I will ever have the opportunity to experience living this way again. Country life is so different from the city life. Sadface!
So back to this mango tree behind my house, I first saw the tree many months ago when we moved into this house. To me, it was like ‘when is this tree going to bring out its fruits?’ I totally ignored it and thought to myself, yeah, “one of those trees”! “It will probably stay like that forever, without fruits!”
Was I wrong?  Yes, I was, big time! 
Then came this special day, we had someone come in to mow the lawn. He told my husband about the mangoes on the tree. “Have you seen the mangoes on your tree? He asked.
So off went my hubby to check the mangoes out. And guess what?  These big mangoes! Hehehe!!!
You can guess the rest of the story. It’s been mango-munching all the way!
Any mango- eater out there? Hook me up!

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