Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Please pray! This kind of news needs our prayers

Today, just before our morning devotion, my husband broke a 'not so good' news, our friend and co-pastor, Amy has been diagnosed with breast cancer!
At first, i was speechless and then i went "Oh no!" Stupid cancer!
I tried to reach Amy but she was with her doctor.
I was so apprehensive. My hubby and I prayed that the cancer cells will die supernaturally and that God will flood Amy's heart with his peace.
I was pensive and was eager to talk to Amy and just wanted so much to tell her how much i love her.
I went straight to check Amy's blog almost convinced that she would have mentioned something about her new plight.
Below is what i got from her blog. Please follow the link, read and keep her in your prayer.


  1. My prayers are with Amy and her family. This is the song that came to my spirit as I was praying for her.

  2. Hi pastor Yinka
    Yes we were totally shocked !
    We Are praying for our beautiful Amy !

  3. Yes RoseM! We will trust our God. We will hold fast onto His promises. We will testify to His faithfulness. It shall be well.