Monday, July 26, 2010

EN2010 Manila Conference Inspirational Declarations!

*This is what happens when we go out and make disciples. This is what happens when we see beyond the clothing, the skin colours, the smell.. and our own comfort. J.BONIFACIO

*This is the message of hope. This is the message of love. This is the message of power that saves, that changes and transforms a sinner to be a saint my friend! Y.Paidamula

*We must be just as intentional in reaching every campus as we are in reaching every nation R.Broocks

*The Hero in you is waiting to be unleashed. Serve! serve well! Serve others above yourself and be happy to serve. Efren Peneflorida

*When you face this difficult thing don’t fight it alone. As long as we stay together in a pact as a family, it’s very difficult for the enemy to isolate or take us out. W.Nel

*We were never designed to receive glory; we were designed to give glory. Daleen Zschech

*Discipleship is not just a matter of cognitive learning but a matter of watching your leader, how they live, how they pray, how they make decisions and how they walk with God in the… Dr Jun Vencer

*Our starting line and our finish line is the honor of God. S.Murrell

*Every Nation family !There’s a lot on the table of the Lord!!!!! For such a great banquet of coming together G.Aiyedogbon

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  1. wow! some great points from the Conference, sorry we couldn't go to it:(
    looking forward to hearing some of the podcasts soon!