Thursday, May 6, 2010

To U My King with love

What shall separate God from my love?
What shall separate God from my love?

What can come between my devotion to my King and me?
What can take my attention from my Redeemer?

Shall pressures of life-my job, my ministry, my studies, my passions, my desires,
Shall worries, trials, trouble and my needs cost me my complete devotion to you my Maker?

No, may none of these take Your place in my life, O Lord
No, may none of these take my attention and devotion to You my Savior.

And for you my husband, my kids, my families, my friends,

May your devotion be totally to our Maker
May your passion be to please and honor Him every day
May we stay on course forever focused on Him
May we be more sensitive to the promptings of His Spirit
May we be obedient to Him in everything


Nothing really satisfies like our God's love!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pastor Yinka,
    Did you write this? It's awesome!
    I've started following your blog as I just realised you had one a few moments ago only:)
    Keep writing....